Musical Glass

Painting with Light best describes the technique Lyn uses to create her art glass pieces.

A traditional painter achieves their vision with paint and canvas. The basic concepts are line, dot, shape and shading. To achieve her vision Lyn uses glass as her canvas in clear and colors. She paints with light using layers of glass, cut to achieve the line. The dot can be created by layers of glass and intense heat, or crushed into pieces called frit. Various degrees of shading can be achieved by using finer and finer grades of frit.

Let’s look at the piano keys. She begins with a clear layer of glass, and then layers the black and white keys. The white keys were created by pulling a piece of glass over a torch to create a stringer. The stringer provides the negative space.

The saxophone shows her layers of glass. Dichroic and Iridescent are among these layers. She uses a dot to create the key, and then added another layer of glass on top of the dot. It created a bubble in each one of the keys. Blasting out of the saxophone, is her interpretation of what music would look like if made of glass. In the Blast is a myriad of techniques which added up to her image.

Photos by: Kim Kendall