Coral Gardens

The Coral Gardens is a soaring 18 X 6 foot three-dimensional glass mural. It rises above the fireplace mantle of a private collector’s home overlooking Perdido Bay.

There are many individual details that constitute this incredible glowing aquatic mural. It begins with the one of a kind, dichroic glass, glow in the dark Jellyfish spanning 9 feet. The graceful flow of this piece not only reflects the brilliant dichroic glass colors but, charged by the days light, produces a phosphorus glow by night. This glow in the dark feature is present throughout this installation and is a signature quality of Lyn’s work. The majestic 5 X 5 foot Sea Turtle is a masterpiece of iridescent glass. Nestled within the Sea Grass is a small Sea Horse watchful of the Tropical Fish schooling about. The playful Clown Fish peeks out from its home in the dichroic glass Anemone. The Hatchling Sea Turtle explores the dimensional Fire Coral. The Sea Fan Coral is mounted in sandstone. Beach sand, sand dollars and star fish are encased in glass waves all resting on the mantel between two abstract nesting Coral Metridiums, fluttering with a glow as it would naturally in the sea. The beauty and fluidity of the Coral Gardens overwhelms the viewer.

Photos by: Kim Kendall